Our IRG Team of Technicians are highly trained and fully accredited 


Corona Busters Ltd has been set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the Ideal Response Group – accredited specialists with over 17 years in biohazard waste containment, eradication, removal and prevention. Together we are the only company in the UK able to offer the following Patented Nano Tech Electrostatically Charged Antimicrobial Compound Solution – All Clear Defend.

Since the lock down started we have been providing this service for NHS Hospitals, Nursing Care Homes and Private Medical Health Care Facilities. Our UK team of 800 plus highly trained technicians are working 24/7 to deliver this solution.

Our industry leading technology has paved the way for key facilities including NHS Hospitals, Care Homes and private medical health care facilities to continue operating, as well as helping businesses to reopen their doors once again by meeting the Government criteria of providing a safe work environment to staff, customers and clients. We are proud to be supporting UK business across the nation by being at the forefront of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We are the only company in the UK able to provide the Patented Nano Tech Compound Solution – All Clear Defend.

  • Our product has been independently tested, verified and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Our work is certified and guaranteed to last for 5 months

  • We have already successfully delivered this solution for NHS Hospitals, Nursing Care Homes and Private Medical Health Facilities.

  • We do not employ cleaners, our highly skilled and certified IRG technicians are trained to deal with specialised biohazard and chemical waste emergencies.

  • Our teams are equipped with Industry leading technology.

  • Authorised waste carriers