One application of our Patented Nano-Tech Electrostatically Charged Antimicrobial Compound Solution will provide 5 months of surface protection and is effective against Coronavirus

Lab Test Reports

Our technology has undergone extensive independent laboratory tests and a five month test trial in three live hospital settings. Based on these reports we guarantee our solution will provide five months of total surface protection. It is effective against Coronavirus as well as many other harmful bacteria and viruses including MRSA, Bird Flu N5N1, E.Coli C.Diff, Tuberculosis, HIV, Legionella Pnuemophila and both Hepatitis B+C.

Our antimicrobial barrier is also effective against the spread of influenza. With the winter Flu season approaching combined with COVID-19, all sites should now have Total Surface Protection.

Webinar: Cutting Covid-19, not corners. Why long-lasting Total Surface Protection is necessary to prevent a second wave and save lives.

Join us as we discuss how important lessons learnt from the health sector can be applied to education sites.


CEO and Co Founder of Corona Busters Wahid Ahmed.

Adam Bourgeois, Technical Director at IRG ltd (Ideal Response)

Adrian Wilkinson, Business Development Director.

Broadcast on the 16th of Sept 2020.

We have already successfully treated and protected NHS Hospitals, Private Medical Health Care Facilities, Nursing Homes and Schools.

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Case Study Bauvill

Case Study Cygnet

Case Study Tees Valley

COVID-19 is transferred when an infected person coughs or sneezes spraying tiny droplets, when these land onto a surface they are picked up and transferred to other surfaces, contaminating your site and infecting more people. High traffic surface areas and key touch points such as door handles and reception desks are obvious places to focus on, but this is not enough to protect your site.


In large offices, Schools, Institutions and Hospitals it is often the walls in the corridors and staircases that become the most contaminated. These are often overlooked areas that are not cleaned as regularly because they are not identified as touch points. This is a mistake, people coughing or sneezing in a corridor or staircase will contaminate the walls, these will remain infected for days. When others brush up against these surfaces as they pass each other, it is these overlooked and unsuspecting surface areas where often the highest contamination and transfers occur. Our Solution provides total surface protection and is guaranteed to last for 5 months.

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